Performance is one of the keys aspects of the mobile development. Following you will find some of the best practices during the usage of Floggy to achieve the best performance.

  • If you have an extensive object hierarchy we would recommend you to use the PerClassStrategy persistence strategy
  • Do not use the Comparator interface to sort your objects. This operation is made by the RMS system and it does not have a good performance. We recommend you to sort the objects in memory after fetching them from the system.
  • Set the property PersistableManager.BATCH_MODE to true when doing heavy load or save operations.
    Person p = new Person();
    PersistableManager pm = PersistableManager.getInstance();
    pm.setProperty(PersistableManager.BATCH_MODE, Boolean.TRUE);
    for(...) {
    pm.setProperty(PersistableManager.BATCH_MODE, Boolean.FALSE);
  • For search we advice to index the fields that you would like search for. Further information check out the documentation.