Getting started

Here is the starting point to learn Floggy, so if you are a beginner you are in the right place. Check the following steps:


The very first thing that you MUST do is configure your environment, which means that you must add the weaver tool to your development cycle. Why I need to add a weaver?

Core package

After setting up the environment the next step is learn how the core classes work. There are one interface and one class that are the base of everything else. The Persistable interface is an empty interface that roles the paper of identifying the classes that should be persisted. The PersistableManager class is where all operations of saving/loading/finding entities is located. Move to the core package section to get further information.

Migration package

Here you will find an advanced feature of Floggy. It was designed to help the developer to migrate between application's version. Imagine that you have a Persistable class with a long field, after the first release you decide to change the long field to a String object. How you would do to change the type of this field? Here is where the migration package take place.

For advanced users

Now that you know how to use Floggy you can start to help us to improve it. We have a list of desired features available at roadmap section. You can get the source code and how to build Floggy from scratch in our FAQ section. However if you still need help please contact us.