Quality & Assurance

Deliver a free of bug software is a hard task to accomplish, we have been trying it since the beginning and some results appeared in our favor: our average bugs per release is 4, it decrease to 2 if we take in account only the core project, the Eclipse plugin is responsible for half of the bugs (we are working to change this). Different techniques and softwares are used to help us to assure quality, following are some of them:


For each new feature or bug found we build a testcase to validate it. Below we listed the projects that has testcases and its quantity.


Continuous integration

We follow another good practice in software development that is the continuous integration. Our project are hosted in an instance of Parabuild gently granted by the Viewtier Systems.


Floggy are analyzed by Sonar gently granted by the SonarSource. From the Sonar website "Sonar enables to collect, analyze and report metrics on source code. Sonar not only offers consolidated reporting on and across projects throughout time, but it becomes the central place to manage code quality."