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public interface PolymorphicObjectSet
extends ObjectSet

An interface representing a search result. The PolymorphicObjectSet logically maintains a sequence of the object's IDs. It is possible to iterate over all objects (or a subset, if an optional object filter has been supplied) using the get(int index) method.

PersistableManager pm = PersistableManager.getInstance();
PolymorphicObjectSet os = manager.polymorphicFind(Customer.class, null, null);
for(int i = 0; i < os.size(); i++) {
  Customer customer = (Customer) os.get(i);

By using an optional Filter, only the objects that matches the provided filter will be avaiable in this set.

By using an optional Comparator, the order of the objects in this set will be determined by the comparator.

Thiago Moreira
See Also:
PersistableManager.polymorphicFind(Class, Filter, boolean), Filter, Comparator

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